LaundryConnect™ Live Laundry Room Monitoring

Welcome Pace University students to your live, real time laundry room monitoring web page. Please choose from the list below to view your laundry room's current status:

Pleasantville Campus:
Alumni 1st Floor Click here
Alumni 2nd Floor Click here
Alumni 3rd Floor Click here
Alumni 4th Floor Click here
Elm 1st Floor Click here
Elm 2nd Floor Click here
Elm 3rd Floor Click here
Elm 4th Floor Click here
North Hall Click here
Martin Hall Click here
Townhouse II Click here
Townhouse III Click here
Law School White Plains Campus:
Dannat Hall Click here
New York City Campus:
182 Broadway Click here
Maria's Tower Click here
33 Beekman Click here
15 Beekman Coming online soon

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